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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

October 29, 2013

Episode 13 - Thomas Eichin’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Bjorn is back! Hobbling on one leg, and having only a 0-3 result to cheer him up as he and Patrick discuss this past weekend's debacle in Wolfsburg.

No reason to sugar-coat it - this game was depressing - and Patrick and Bjorn do their best to find something positive - anything positive.

Topics discussed:

- If you're Barcelona, you don't need strikers - Werder Bremen need strikers.
- Negative tactics, negative players - even Naldo said so.
- Thomas Eichin is tired of his team's $%!&
- Can Werder bounce back against Hannover? Clue: it would require scoring goals.
- Other action around the league this week.

Don't listen to this podcast around sharp objects - at least not until next week.

Thanks for listening!

October 22, 2013

Episode 12 - Torlos, Lost Loves, and Son of Tatsachenentscheidung!

This week Patrick is joined by friend of the show, Stephen Reygate (check his stuff out at http://www.papierkugel.org/)

The two recap what was a tepid 0-0 draw with SC Freiburg this past weekend and look to find the positives before looking ahead to next weekend's visit to Bizarro Werder --I'm sorry, Wolfsburg.

Other topics discussed:

- With Peterson out, who scores the goals? Were we even scoring that many to begin with?
- Mielitz remains successful in his attempt to appear competent
- Progress! We can feel reasonably confident of keeping a clean sheet (in some matches)
- The Pitfalls of nostalgia for former players (paging, Mesut Ozil)
- Stephen attempts to give Patrick some optimism regarding Werder's trip to Wolfsburg
- Phantom Goals and Phantom Instant-Replay in Bundesliga Stadia (or: a great difference in the manner Germans and Americans view professional sports matches)

Hey, its nine games into the season and things could be going much worse...life is good.

October 15, 2013

Episode 11 - Internationals and Rumors of Internationals

Welcome to a special international weekend edition of Radio Free Weser!

In this program, Patrick and Bjorn break down some highlights from this weekend's international fixtures that have a Werder nexus - and look ahead to this weekend's match against reeling SC Freiburg.

Topics covered this week:
- Austria, and Austria's Werder contingent, miss out on the World Cup due to that man, Zlatan
- Prodl as a holding midfielder? Hmmm.
- Andreas Herzog coaching against Austria as part of the US National Team next month
- Transfer Rumors! DeBruyne and Yoichiro Kakitani...wait, who?
- A new Bundesliga TV Deal and what it means for overseas fandom (hire us, Fox!)
- Preview and Prediction for this weekend's home game against Freiburg (spoiler: pick the team in green)

Once again, thanks for listening!

October 8, 2013

Episode 10 - A Stolen Point, a Pointless Test-Match, and More than a Match for Europe

Patrick and Bjorn are back with the tenth episode of Radio Free Weser

In this week's program the boys are all over the map in terms of topics covered, including but not limited to:

- Werder's stolen point in Stuttgart
- Werder's fullback situation - can't we have it both ways?
- Gladbach makes us look better, Nuremburg makes us look worse
- Bayern make Man City look foolish
- Werder alum: Sebastian Boenisch and Marko Marin
- Werder's Austrian contingent prepare to battle Sweden for a spot in World Cup Qualifying
- A short preview into next week's show...which is also be a preview...of the match against SC Freiburg

All that...and Patrick gives Mielitz some credit...all the more reason not to miss Episode 10 of Radio Free Weser!

October 1, 2013

Episode 9 - Fair Results and Fake English Accents

On Episode 9 of Radio Free Weser:

- Patrick and Bjorn discuss Werder Bremen's 3:3 Draw with 1.FC Nuremburg. Was it a fair result? The guys think so.
- The reasons why despite letting go of a lead twice during the game, there are reasons for optimism
- Santiago Garcia's good start, and Elia finally breaking his Werder duck.
- How Werder stack up heading away to an in-form Stuttgart side.
- Mesut-mania in the English football media.

All this and more in the next exciting episode of Radio Free Weser!