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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

November 27, 2013

Episode 17 - Bad Puns, Bad Goals, and Italian Connections

In this week's show Patrick and Bjoern lament the bad defending and bad bounces that gave Mainz a 3:2 victory over Werder Bremen this past weekend. Topics also discussed include:

- Lukiyma and Fritz, not exactly stellar
- The Ballad of Sebastian Mielitz, part 12
- Elia and DiSanto forming some chemistry
- This team has a lot of fight in it, and that's good
- The Other Northern Games - not because we like 'em, but we feel obligated
- The Werder-Juventus partnership and what it could mean for the Green and Whites
- Mohamed Zidan and a funny thing happened on the way to the Mortgage lender
- Hoffenheim-Werder preview, spoiler: we're scared of Modeste and Volland
- Not so bold predictions!

All that and more in this week's exciting episode of Radio Free Weser! Download and Listen, download-and-listeners!

November 20, 2013

Episode 16 - Swedish Girls, Bad Medicine, and Worse Werder Kits

The Boys are back after the international break to discuss the latest Werder news and look ahead to this Sunday's match against Mainz.
Whole lotta battles being fought in this week's program.

In this podcast:

- Ibra v. Ronaldo. Heaven or hell Final. Round 2. FIGHT!
- No Swedish Ladies in Brazil. The world weeps.
- Werder's financial situation - Rainy days, where have you gone?
- Junuzovic v. Werder physio staff, not another Klasnic case, we hope.
- Lemke v. Allofs - oh what could have been?
- Werder v. Mainz
- Dortmund v. Bayern
- Werder's 08/09 Home kit v 08/09 Event kit - yes, the boys talk Werder kits.

November 12, 2013

Episode 15 - Hating KPB, Loving Northern Derbies, Hating new Kits

Man, these shows aren't as fun when we lose - but Patrick and Bjorn do their damndest to put a positive spin on things (no, really!)

In this episode, the boys discuss:
- Why Kevin Price Boateng is a pansy, and undeserving of his neck tattoos (he's no Yadi)
- Why Dr. Felix Brych may want to go back to whatever line of work he has a PhD in
- Kroos scored...no not that Kroos...the other one...yes, there's another one.
- Other Bundesliga action, with emphasis on the results of the Northern Clubs
- A discussion of northern derbies (writ small, not SVW-HSV) how Braunchschweig/Hannover is good for the league
- Bjorn on the St. Pauli / Hansa Rostock rivalry
- Why Germany's new kit for the world cup is just wrong...mostly because of the shorts. (Hint, when your team is nicknames after your shirt/short combination, you can really change it)

- An American and a German, recording together, on Armistice/Veterans day - who says we can let bygones be bygones?

Thanks for listening!

November 5, 2013

Episode 14 - The Game is Won and the Podcast Lasts (Nearly) 90 minutes

Patrick and Bjorn are back with a double helping of Werder Analysis and Predictification in this week's episode of Radio Free Weser.

Topics discussed in this weeks program:

- Getting Selassie and Fritz on the field at the same time = a good idea
- No Strikers? No problem!
- The Return of the Raute
- Mielitz: The Man, the Myth, the one to blame for Sakai's wondergoal?
- Why Patrick is BORED of Dortmund
- Why Bjorn LOATHES Schalke, and apparently Gelsenkirchen as a whole
- Predicting the inevitable defeat away to Schalke
- All that, plus listener questions and bad jokes!

Thanks for listening  - special shout out to our friends at http://hamburg-ist-gruen-weiss.de/ for the great merch - we'll paint the US Green & White.