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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

April 29, 2014

Episode 36 - Progress, Cliché Klaxons, and Nerding Out

Patrick And Bjorn are  back to talk important stuff:

- Progress seen in a 2:5 defeat on the road
- Incisive passing? MADNESS
- Licensing Issues and why its not yet time to worry.
- Galvez transfer good to go
- A new coach joins the staff
- Star Wars casting
- Hertha visit the Weserstadion while the 2004 Double Winners are honored.
- Time running out on HSV...
- No Bond-villain endings

April 21, 2014

Episode 35 - Hungry Like Raph Wolf & Dino Season

The Wunder twins are back for another episode - and yes, its a fun one!

In this show:
- Surival all but assured.
- 3:1 , easy game right? WRONG
- Hungry Like the Wolf
- Bargi, are you Torsten In disguise?
- Forging a club identity with a new generation of Werder stalwarts
- Was ist ein Garcia? A Kult Hero, that's what.
- Things getting dicey for Der Klub and the Dinosaur
- Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Dino Season!
- Bjoern makes a bold prediction
- Before Bavaria...who plays during against Bayern in a dead-rubber match next weekend.

All that and more in this week's episode of Radio Free Weser! Thanks for listening.

April 15, 2014

Episode 34 - Radio Free Weser is For the Children

Bo and Patrick are back! and Patrick didnt do his homework.

In this week's program...

- Bo Recaps the poor performance against Mainz 05
- Patrick gives up on Nils
- The Ailton Testimonial Lineup gets better every week
- Not the Wuertz transfer in the world....
- Happy trails, Baumi! See ya in a few years!
- Stadium sponsorship and club identity
- Hoppenheim visit the Weserside.

April 7, 2014

Episode 33 - Drawing Schalke, Moral Victories, and Eichin’s Mosby Move

The boys are back with another unexpectedly upbeat edition of Radio Free Weser!

In this pod:

- Was it just us? Or did Werder outplay Schalke?
- Party like its 2009
- DiSanto scores...and prompty gets suspended...he should have been carded for that atrocious goal celebration
- Elia, long for Werder?
- Thomas Eichin breaks up with Sebastian Mielitz on his BIRTHDAY...total Ted Mosby move Thomas....ice cold.
- Patrick gets distracted by Cardinal Baseball on the TV (full audio during the outro music)
- Werder's u23s and their role in building next years first team
- Mainz: European contenders?
- Predictions!

As always, you're beautiful! Thanks for listening!

April 2, 2014

Episode 32 - Little Derby, Big Win and Happy Trails, Iggy and Aaron

After what seems like forever, Patrick and Bjorn are back and excited to bring you another episode of Radio Free Weser!

In This Episode:
- Werder triumph in another (little 'N') northern Derby
- Oh yea, we missed the Wolfsburg game last week - we talk about that too...
- Prodl, future captain?
- DiSanto scores goals and gets what he wants...hopefully
- Iggy and Aaron say soyonara, who shall replace them?
- Remember when Jens Keller was on the way to the gallows? Yea, we do too.
- Werder/Schalke predictions.

Thanks for listening! Duck and Cover!