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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

June 8, 2014

Episode 40 - Werder News, WC Group Picks, Group G Spotlight

Summer is upon us!

- Patrick and Bjorn spend segment 1 discussing the latest news surrounding Werder Bremen.
- In Segment 2 the boys make their picks to advance from each of the 8 groups at the World Cup, beginning this week - If you're interested in taking part if the RFW Pod pick'em, hit us up @RFWPod on twitter
- In Segment 3 the boys tackle the World Cup group that was made for this show, Group G. Germany - Portugal - Ghana - USA

Thanks for listening to an (even more) laid back episode of Radio Free Weser. We'll be back at the close of the Group Stage to talk more World Cup and Werder news!