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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

Episode 15 - Hating KPB, Loving Northern Derbies, Hating new Kits

November 12, 2013

Man, these shows aren't as fun when we lose - but Patrick and Bjorn do their damndest to put a positive spin on things (no, really!)

In this episode, the boys discuss:
- Why Kevin Price Boateng is a pansy, and undeserving of his neck tattoos (he's no Yadi)
- Why Dr. Felix Brych may want to go back to whatever line of work he has a PhD in
- Kroos scored...no not that Kroos...the other one...yes, there's another one.
- Other Bundesliga action, with emphasis on the results of the Northern Clubs
- A discussion of northern derbies (writ small, not SVW-HSV) how Braunchschweig/Hannover is good for the league
- Bjorn on the St. Pauli / Hansa Rostock rivalry
- Why Germany's new kit for the world cup is just wrong...mostly because of the shorts. (Hint, when your team is nicknames after your shirt/short combination, you can really change it)

- An American and a German, recording together, on Armistice/Veterans day - who says we can let bygones be bygones?

Thanks for listening!