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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

Episode 18 - Warm Feelings, Guess that Goalie, and Impending Doom

December 3, 2013

Patrick and Bjorn are back in the wake of a thrilling 4-4 draw for our beloved Green & Whites in Hoffenheim.

In this week's show:

- Goals Conceded, Goals Scored, reminds us of the good old days
- How many penalties are needed to make a game interesting
- Eljero Elia, two way player?
- Bargfrede scores...no really
- How exactly is Mehmet Ekici NOT helping the other team?
- Oh? Goalkeeper Controversy? Or strategic planning by Eichin and Dutt
- Whats Oliver Reck up to these days? (and can he still play in goal
- That ominous music you hear? Oh, thats just Bayern coming to town.

Listen. Or don't. It wont help us against Bayern - nothing will.

Radio Free Weser - almost as fun as a 4-4 draw.