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Episode 20 - Talkin’ ‘Bout Practice, Captains, and Leadership

December 17, 2013

The boys are back with an abbreviated - slightly under the weather - show for you all tonight!

- Patrick and Bjorn recap the 2-3 defeat away to Hertha BSC
- Wolf? No thank you...but not really Mielitz, either
- Gebre-Selassie has a bad day
- Aaron Hunt carries this team on his back, but he can only go so far
- Honest Post-match interviews are a good thing
- Dutt, too lax on practice?
- We talkin' bout practice?
- Speaking of practice, Clemens Fritz shows what a captain is NOT supposed to do, and fights a kid...in practice
- Schaaf...you're gonna go to Schalke, aren't you?
- How many more games until the Winter Break.

If you like pain then you'll love this week's episode of Radio Free Weser!