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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

Episode 26 - Confidence, Chickens, and Six-Pointers

February 18, 2014


We shouldn't be so excited over a point at home, but we are.

In this episode
- Robin Dutt finally subscribes to #TackleForTheCure
- Kroos performs well at Center-Back
- Wolf Stands like a stone wall!
- Galvez to Werder (Can't beat free!)
- Iggy and Aaron, SIGN EM UP, TOM!
- Wiesenhof reups their sponsorship deal with the club - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems? Or Business is Business?
- Next week begins a run of games against similar quality opponents, its make or break time for the Green&Whites
- Predictions for Frankfurt away, both in terms of lineups and terms of results

Thanks for listening guys.

Lebenslang grün-weiß