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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

Episode 35 - Hungry Like Raph Wolf & Dino Season

April 21, 2014

The Wunder twins are back for another episode - and yes, its a fun one!

In this show:
- Surival all but assured.
- 3:1 , easy game right? WRONG
- Hungry Like the Wolf
- Bargi, are you Torsten In disguise?
- Forging a club identity with a new generation of Werder stalwarts
- Was ist ein Garcia? A Kult Hero, that's what.
- Things getting dicey for Der Klub and the Dinosaur
- Rabbit Season! Duck Season! Dino Season!
- Bjoern makes a bold prediction
- Before Bavaria...who plays during against Bayern in a dead-rubber match next weekend.

All that and more in this week's episode of Radio Free Weser! Thanks for listening.