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The only English language pod devoted to Werder Bremen

Episode 38 - Bill Cosby Invades Radio Free Weezer

May 13, 2014

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Weezer's 'Blue Album' all bumper music from this week's show is from said record.

In this program...
- Patrick and Bjorn recap the season-ending 1-2 defeat away from Leverkusen...but its all good...
- ....its good because the team is looking improved.
- A very boring matchday 34...no real drama
- Seba and Juno extend!
- Wither Obraniak?
- Hunt's new club...SV Werder?
- Bjorn makes a Cosby show reference!
- Elia, Wolf, stay or go?

Short show this week - We will be doing a full-on season review on NEXT week's program, as we must know HSV's final fate in order to render judgement on the campaign.

Thanks for listening!