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Radio Free Weser Special - How Soccer Explains Globalization, Economics, Politics and Society

September 25, 2013

On Wednesday, September 18 I (Patrick) was fortunate enough to be a presenter at Westminster College's 2013 Symposium on Global Sport, in Fulton Missouri.

The talk was just over an hour, and was titled "The Ball is Round: How Soccer Explains Globalization, Economics, Politics, and Society"

Topics included such disparate subjects as:
- The Role of Egyptian Ultras during the recent revolutions
- The Old Firm Rivalry and the role of religion in Scottish Soccer (C'MON YOU BHOYS IN GREEN!)
- How we are already seeing the signs that the Bundesliga is on its way to dominating Europe, and its links with Germany's consolidation of financial power in the continent
- How US Soccer, through the gradual elimination of protectionist financial policies in Major League Soccer, is finally beginning to integrate with the global soccer economy.

As always thanks for listening!

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